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The most remarkable sightseeing throughout famous places in Croatia
My wife and children have discussed about how to spend summer holidays in a foreign country soon after I have specified an affordable Croatia (Croatian) tourism.  We have compared more than a few tour packages from the most successful and recommended tour operators before choosing the best tour package obtainable at a reasonable price.  Our tour package has realized our dreams about the most convenient way to enjoy sightseeing and a wide variety of outdoor activities in famous places of Croatia from the first day to end of our tourism. I have revealed what we have visited and how we have enjoyed every day in Croatia in the following details.  If you focus on these details, then you can get an overview about how to take pleasure in tourism in Croatia without compromising your financial plan and overall expectations on sightseeing.
Day 1: Pula
As a seafront city located on the Istrian Peninsula’s tip, Pula is one of the most recommended seafront cities for international tourists these days. We have reached this seafront city on the first day of our tourism in Croatia by an ideal yacht charter from a reliable company.  We were surprised with Roman ruins, the most beautiful beach-lined coast and the most protected harbour in this seafront city. Our tourist guide has supported us to be aware about how this seafront city occupied and destroyed several times. This city was administrated by various kingdoms and governments like The Romans and Venetians.  We have visited more than a few historic places in Pula and enjoyed the most scrumptious foods in famous hotels in this seafront city.
Day 2: Zadar
On the second day of tourism in Croatia, we have arrived at Zadar, city located on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. We have visited Port Gate, Old Town of Zadar, The Forum in Zeleni Trg, The Mainland Gate, Captain’s Tower, Cathedral of St. Anastasia and other places suggested by our tour operator. We played lots of games during hours of daylight and explored the most exclusive tourist places one after another. We enjoyed the nightlife in this city and fulfilled our expectations on an exclusive tourism in the most famous city. Out of the ordinary elements and exciting facilities in this city increased our interests for extending tourism in this city. We are eager to visit these places again and take pleasure in the most special tourism by the best yacht from a successful company.
Day 3: Biograd
We have visited Biograd na Moru on the third day of our Croatia tour.  This city and municipality located in the Croatia’s Northern Dalmatia has so many tourist places. There are many things to do in this city. These facilities encouraged us to visit this city and enjoy our daytime. We have visited different ruins of historic buildings and understood the prosperity of Croatian Kingdom in ancient times.  We have stunned with the overall architecture and the most attractive elements in remains of well-known churches and other historic buildings available in this city. We have visited beaches like Crevenea Luka Beach and Kumenat Beach
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