Croatia and Tamborine - Tamborine Mountain Tours in Croatia

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If you are planning for a tour I would suggest you the best tourist destination I had visited with my friends. It is nothing but Croatia, the country with lush green Islands situated in coast line of Adriatic Sea. Actually we had many touring experience with friends but we were visiting some place repeatedly, tasting same food recipes and breathing same air every time. After some tour experiences we started feel boring to visit the same place frequently. We discussed with each other as we were planning for some different or any new place that we have not visited. It should be the best tourist destination so we goggled about this and finally found out list of places as the finest tourist destination.
After choosing Croatia, still we don’t know how and why we chose it but after visiting the places at Croatia we are so happy that our choice is not only right but also we made a best choice of international touring. Wow!!! Croatia was really warm, welcoming and attractive to us and it really gave us great and wonderful time and experience. We as friends enjoyed well and amazed at certain destinations that was breath taking. We experienced various things that we have not enjoyed ever in our life. Before taking it otherwise just gets to know the glimpse of our experience you will wonder and opt for Croatia for sure.
Biograd - Day 1 at Croatia was started in Biograd where we were having a wonderful experience that we have ever enjoyed in our life time. Yes we were on the sea of beautiful Adriatic coast line as we hired a sailing boat and went to various Islands. After reaching a particular Island we had a beach party there with people from various countries and also the people of that Island. It was our first time to attend a beach party and also our first time on yacht. What an experience to enjoy with friends!!! We never knew that our day 1 will be like this that we enjoyed scenic beach and an unforgettable beach party.
Sibenik - Out of all the beaches we visited Sibenik was awesome ever as we had beach games there. We tasted a mouth-watering fish recipe and favorite food of Croatia (Croatian) people. I must say that Croatian people are so amicable and helping as they helped us to enjoy the wholesome touring. They advised us about how to be safer in various places as we may miss our belongings at crowded places and helped us to save our money arranging our tour plan to be ideal.
Hvar - We call this city as the rocking city where we had partying experience in the local pub. The music and dance and the different people in the party were really fantastic. We got some new friends at Hvar and they travelled with us to some places and finally we came to beach and had most entertaining time. We had unforgettable moments at each places and we are planning for second visit to Croatia.
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