Tamborine Mountain Tours in Croatia

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We have visited Lumbarda and enjoyed our time in this small village in the Korcula Island.  The main attractions of this small village are olive groves and pine woods. Sandy vineyards around this small village make it popular. We were pleased by sunbathing and other sport activities in sandy beaches like Tatinja, Billin Zal and Vela Przina. We enjoyed scuba diving, sightseeing and other activities in this small village in Tamborine Mountain.
On the fourth day of our tour in Croatia (Croatian), we have arrived at Mljet. This beautiful island has many places to explore and things to do at all time.    The maximum area of this island is covered by the Mljet National Park. Two salt water lakes in this island are Veliko and Malo jezero.  We have visited these salt water lakes and other renowned tourist places in this island. We were satisfied when we have visited and photographed The Roman Palace in this eye-catching island. We enjoyed our nightlife and accommodation in this island without compromising our budget.  
Our 2nd day at Croatia was fantastic that we sailed on sea on yacht and we never knew that yachting would out of the world experience for us. The person who drove the yacht is Croatia (Croatian) speaking but still he managed to converse with us about his sailing experience that he had for many years. It was really great to speak with him as he unraveled a lot of secrets about the beach we were sailing on. He an experienced person had given us many experiences on that day. Our touring not only ended with fun but also with memorable experiences that will linger in our mind forever. Tamborine Mountain Tours provide travellers with a first class experience on Tamborine Mountain with transfers, wine tours, Adventure Passes and Hop On Hop Off tours on the famous trolley buses. Split - I can call it as a monumental city where we arrived on day 1 and had seen a lot of Roman architecture here. After seeing the architecture of the buildings there we came to a conclusion that technology is nothing if there is no creativity. We were speechless to witness the Romanian architecture creativity when there were no technologies. The buildings were built around 4th century AD and it was amazing to us to see something we have not seen. After seeing the historical places we had amazing food at the famous restaurant. It was treat to our tongue and really the day 1 is a day of feasting as we had delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our day 1 was finished with a deep sigh that we are done with one day. It is always important to choose a good yacht for charter here: yacht charter in Croatia
Croatia was the best tourist destination we had visited ever in our life time and it was most memorable to us. After planning for vacation, we google about the list of finest tourist destinations and we ended up in Croatia. The reason we chose to tour to Croatia is that it is situated in the coast line of Adriatic Sea. The beaches around there are scenic and we came to know that we will be having our best time there. We read a lot of information about many destinations in Croatia and the experience of many tourists who happened to visit there. After deciding to visit Croatia we discussed with many tour planners and finally hired the experienced tour planners who befriended us to have the wholesome tour to Croatia. By meaning wholesome tour you could have understood that I mean every aspect of the tour.

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