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Touring with our loved ones can be the best time for any person in this world as you can have close time with each other. There are many families who have been very busy in earning but failing to have quality time with each other. The families have members who are always busy on their schedule and they don’t find special time for each other. They take time to say their needs to the other as they can get helped and they take time to speak from their heart to the other member of the family in any special occasion such as birthday, wedding anniversary and in the festive seasons.
But every such people should understand that human beings are not machines as they run, run and run for something. The joy of our life exists when we have close time and quality time with our loved ones. If you love your family then earning for them is not the only best thing that you can do for them, rather you should understand that having a personal time with them will be the best thing you gift to them. This applies to every one of this generation, parents, sons and daughters, couples and everyone in the family. The best way to have quality time with your family will be touring. I suggest Croatia for touring as we had a great time there and it is the one of the fines tourist destination you can have. Here you go:

Pula - On day 1 we visited various places at Pula and the best is that we visited an amphitheater where we watched a wonderful traditional show by Croatia (Croatian) speaking people. We enjoyed being there as we saw something that was new to us as they gave their best in music, dance and other stuffs. It was not only beautiful but also a different experience to us. To close the day we had yummy dinner at the hotel where we stayed. Our family members were reluctant to taste the new food as they thought that it would not be delicious but after tasting Croatian fish recipe they wanted for more.
Had wonderful chance to visit many different places built on early centuries, here on day 2 at Zadar we were amazed at how architecture was possible at early centuries. No modern engineers can build such architecture with available modern technology. Wow it was breath taking to see such buildings.
The last day of the tour was really unforgettable and on day 3 we enjoyed the real purpose of touring as we had best time there on sailing boat. We hired a boat at a famous and beautiful beach at Biograd and visited the nearby Islands. The beach, the sky and the sunset was scenic when we return to the shore but before that we had entertaining time at an Island that was filled with most welcoming people. We had local recipe of the Island and it was something that lingers in our mind forever.
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