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It was a fantastic experience for us and after visiting Croatia we decided that henceforth whoever asks us about touring we surely suggest Croatia as the first preference because we are sure that it is the one of the finest tourist spot that should be visited by every person for touring. There are many different places in Croatia to visit and just 2 or 3 days will not be sufficient to enjoy but you can get more than what you expect. Once you visit Croatia you will want it for more and you will plan tour to Croatia every time you plan for vacation. Get ready to visit the rocking cities and beautiful Islands to enjoy touring with your family or friends or with your spouse. Let me give you a glimpse of what we have enjoyed so that you can have a seed in your heart about Croatia.
Dubrovnik  - Our day 1 started at Dubrovnik as we arrived here in the early morning we took lodging in very famous restaurant. After taking a nap there and got ready for a better day as we thought but actually it was not a better day but the best day. We straight away went to beach the most expected place for us and took yacht charter. Our yachting time was full of heavenliness as we witnessed the most beautiful sky kissing the sea with rays of love and embrace and we were caught up by the charm of the sea as we went farther. We ended our day 1 with bliss hoping for another best day ahead.
Trogir - We travelled to Trogir next day and arrived here in the mid-afternoon and we went to see various historical buildings and we really felt awe as we could see very old majestic buildings that speak heritage and value. Soon after visiting important and famous places we went to see the famous Fortress Kamerlengo of 15th century. Oh what a beautiful place it was with various people from different countries. The night view of the fort was really fantastic and we enjoyed it. We has a great time at amphitheater at Pula on day 3 where we watched a wonderful show by Croatia(Croatian) speaking people. Blissful!!!
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